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I was sold a car-given a contract-took it home & 5 days later told i have to pay more or return the car.

i called the FTC (federal trade commission and they said this is called a yo yo finance scam or a spot delivery scam. I am being taken advantage of and harassed.

This is cheating a customer...promising one thing and then telling them something else! DIshonest and corrupt! I have a contract that specifies my exact payments and my exact interest rate and my exact amount of interest!

now they want to change terms and conditions!?OR I HAVE TO RETURN THE CAR!? -there is nothing in the contract about that!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Being ripped off, Asked to change terms of contract, Bring my car back, Being lied to.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #911693

Short answer to simplify, just go to the local media, they would love to have this ready to air for the next Sweeps week!

Go to your bank or Credit Union, many will refinance a recently purchased new car.Give them all info to pay off the existing loan.

You just cost the Dealer ALOT of $ from the bank that was doing the financing. Revenge is sweet!

I have done that, walk into a Dealer, tell them to give me the car for my price, I will finance through them, I don't care about the interest rate.

Then, I cost them $$ when my bank pays off the loan from the dealer before the first payment is due!


Don't return it, that happened to us 40 years ago so it is not anything new. But we were young and *** and paid the extra amount.

Cheaters and thieves are what usually runs car lots. I hate buying a car, I rather have surgery. And Rich, you may be honest, but with all those instruction you give, it only shows how crooked the auto dealers are. Why can't people just buy items whether a car, furniture, electronics without have to protect themselves from cheaters.

Use a credit card and if you are cheated, call the credit card company and have your money returned to your account and give the jokers back their junk. Of course you may not be able to do that with a very large purchase such as a car.  But don't give into unreasonable demands.

Dallas, Texas, United States #906911

First off, I have over 40 yrs in the car game, and it makes me want to puke when I see a dealer do this!

I am now on the other side of the desk, wih making sure Family, Friends, Co-Workers, and friends of friends, etc.

not fall victim to the bad apples in the car buying game.

First, make copies of EVERYTHING involved in your transaction.

Second: Find a trusted friend or Family member to run through the the entire situation with.

Ask them to go with you, in the event they "sold" your trade you are not stranded! Run, don't walk back to the Dealer (This is important! Have your phone on voice record before you walk into the Dealership, and keep the screen facing down. You want a record of EVERYTHING said, but do not let the Deaer know, or heck!

Tell them you are recording everything, it doesn't matter!) and get your trade-in (if you had one) and any cash or payments you made to them for fees.

They want to rescind (cancel) the contract, take them up on it! Don't be a victim to their tactics! Fourth go to the the DMV nearest you, and show them your paperwork, and ask how to report this to the State. Fifth Contact local Media (television preferred) and just give them in the email (usually in contact somewhere on the website) a brief description that you bought a car, and the Dealer made you return it.

(This might get their interest to contact you, especially if other Consumers have had the same issue).

Sixth Get ahold of the local Attorney referral service (there are Attorneys who take cases Pro-Bono no charge to you) Now, before you go out to look for another car, get your own financing in advance. If you have any questions, respond here.

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #906237

I have had this problem before. they approve you in house, but when they send you paperwork to the bank, the bank declines the loan. My case was with a different dealership in a different part of the country, but i ended up calling them after talking with a lawyer, and they ended up getting shut down by the state a couple weeks later because it was happening so often.

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